Union Station – Conference Program Details

Welcome to the symposium!

The symposium is taking place inside of three virtual “Zoom” rooms, named for three gathering and waiting areas in Toronto’s Union Station: The Great Hall, York Concourse, and Bay Concourse.

This page is your conference lobby, a place to check in for the latest information and to access the conference rooms. Please do not share a link to this page outside of the conference.

Links to join individual webinars in these three rooms will be posted below. Please check this page every morning to follow the links to the sessions. These links are for viewing the sessions only, if you are speaking at a session you will receive a separate invitation as a panelist.

Any questions you have for presenters from the lighting presentation sessions should be entered into the document found under the “Q&A link” column, next to the appropriate session. This way, presenters can follow up with your questions after the presentations are over.

Post symposium message: TransitData 2020 emailed all registrants August 14 with instructions for access to symposium materials, including presentation files and video recordings.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

TimeTopicOnline LocationQ&A Link
09:00-09:45Plenary 1: Introduction to Symposium and to Transit Analytics LabGreat Hall
09:45-10:30Plenary 2: A Conversation with Professor Nigel Wilson: The Long Road to Data-Powered TransitGreat Hall
10:50-11:50Session 1-A: Planning AnalysesYork Concourse1A-Q&A
Session 1-B: Origin-Destination Enhancements and AnalysesBay Concourse 1B-Q&A
Session 1-C: Policy Applications Using Automated DataGreat Hall 1C-Q&A
13:00-13:30Lunch Activity: Recent Transit Projects in Canada – A Technical TourGreat Hall
13:40-14:40Session 2-A: System and Route Performance Monitoring ApplicationsGreat Hall2A-Q&A
Session 2-B: Operator Performance and Operations ApplicationsYork Concourse2B-Q&A
15:00-16:30Plenary 3: Data-Driven Analyses and Visualizations in Response to COVID 19Great Hall

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

TimeTopicOnline LocationQ&A Link
08:30-08:50Pre-Show: Tour of Toronto and University of Toronto
09:00-10:45Plenary 4: Spotlight on Transit Data / Analytics LabsGreat Hall
11:00-12:00Session 3-A: Matching Performance and Customer Experience, and Customer-Centric Analyses3A-Q&A
Session 3-B: Transfer Analyses3B-Q&A
Session 3-C: Data Quality and Governance3C-Q&A
12:50-13:30Luncheon Speaker: Dr. Kari E. WatkinsGreat Hall
13:45-15:00Plenary 5: Data Management Challenges and Initiatives – Panel DiscussionGreat Hall
15:20-16:20Session 4-A: Passive Data Applications4A-Q&A
Session 4-B: Analytics for Improving Prediction Accuracy and Other Applications4B-Q&A
16:20-17:20Plenary 6: Pertinent Initiatives Related to Data Specifications and ManagementGreat Hall

Thursday, August 13, 2020

TimeTopicLocationQ&A Link
08:30-08:50Pre-Show: Tour of CanadaGreat Hall
09:00-10:00Session 5-A: Service and Operations Planning Applications and StudiesYork Concourse5A-Q&A
Session 5-B: Network Analyses and OptimizationBay Concourse5B-Q&A
Session 5-C: Rail ApplicationsGreat Hall5C-Q&A
10:20-11:50Plenary 7: New Data Sources: Perspectives and Challenges – Panel DiscussionGreat Hall
13:15-13:45Lunch Activity: History of Public Transit in TorontoGreat Hall
13:45-14:45Plenary 8: Academic/Industry Collaboration on Data Analytics and Applications – Panel DiscussionGreat Hall
14:45-16:00Plenary 9: Looking to the FutureGreat Hall