Announcement (Sept. 14, 2020): Registration to access to post-symposium materials is now available at a cost of CAD $50 here.

We are pleased to announce that the 6th annual TransitData 2020 International Symposium on the use of public transit automated data for planning and operations will go forward August 11-13 in a virtual format.

The goal of TransitData 2020 will be to create a stimulating and creative environment for academic researchers and practitioners alike to:

  • experience a broad panorama of research and applications that use public transit automated data for planning and operations;
  • gain more in-depth knowledge of promising methods;
  • examine key issues and challenges; and
  • explore opportunities for exchange and collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

We are working hard to find creative ways to meet these goals.  In addition, to maximize participation, we are drastically reducing the registration fee to CDN$129.95 (including tax).

Participants to the virtual TransitData 2020 Symposium will enjoy:

  • a broad panorama of lightning presentations on practical applications and cutting-edge research focusing on the use of public transit automated data for planning and operations;
  • more complete presentations for those who wish to dig into more depth on specific topics; and
  • several plenary sessions exploring various pertinent topics including: the use of transit data in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic; data management challenges; new sources of data; successful collaboration initiatives between academics and transit agencies; etc.

Click here for program details.

The TransitData 2020 Symposium is hosted by the Transit Analytics Lab (TAL) at the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) and the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

Amer Shalaby and Brendon Hemily, Symposium Co-Chairs

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