6th International Symposium
Use of Public Transit Automated Data for Planning and Operations
11-13 August, 2020

Technological advances and research on methodologies have dramatically increased the availability and quality of automated data that can be used to develop applications that enhance the planning and operations of public transportation systems. Automated Data Systems include: Advanced Fare Collection (AFC), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Automatic Passenger Counting (APC), GTFS-RT, on-board video surveillance, but also new sources of passive data obtained from mobile devices, social media and other Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. A series of workshops have been held in recent years to explore both methodological challenges and potential applications, including: Gifu, Japan (2014), Boston, United States (2016), Santiago, Chile (2017), Brisbane, Australia (2018), and Paris, France (2019) .

The next Symposium will be held August 11-13, 2020 in Toronto, Canada, and we are planning to place more emphasis on applications, and substantially broaden the discussion between practitioners and researchers interested in the use of public transportation automated data.

We therefore invite both practitioners and researchers to participate in this event, and submit an abstract (maximum 1,000 words) for a proposed presentation.

The topics of the symposium will include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications using automated data to enhance strategic or service planning, performance measurement, fare policy, market research, and equity.
  • Applications using automated data to assist in operations control, incident management, and service restoration.
  • Use of automated data to understand demand, customer behavior, normal patterns of travel, and response to service disruptions.
  • Methodological challenges in using automated data.
  • New technologies for data collection.
  • Visualization tools.
  • Organizational challenges related to data management, access and governance.

Please note that the emphasis for this symposium is primarily on public transit (i.e., fixed route and demand responsive transit), but not on shared-use modes (e.g., car sharing, bike sharing, e-scooters, ride-hailing, robo-taxis, etc.), which have many other venues.

Important Dates

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, but are still planning as of now to hold the Symposium